Offers for everyone:

We offer tenancy for offices at VentureVilla. Every tenant has their own office and access to a communal kitchen, including a coffee machine and drinks. On top of that, there are several conference rooms that can be booked without additional charge.  

We also offer external booking services for our conference rooms ( prices upon request ).

Offers for pre-seed & seed startups ( free of charge )

At the centre of our offers for pre-seed and seed startups stands the 100-day Accelerator-Program, which is mainly focused on startups from the web and software field. The participants receive individual coaching and mentoring for free, an office in the heart of Hannover and access to a vast network of investors. The program is currently completely remote due to the pandemic.

In addition to that, VentureVilla also regularly offers Masterclasses free of charge within the framework of our Digital Academy. These classes aren’t only for startups that are already accustomed to VentureVilla, but to everyone who is interested. The Masterclasses will be held online.

Offers for established enterprises (prices upon request)

We offer corporal slots within our 100-day Accelerator. That means that on top of our startups, 1-2 teams of companies can participate in the batch program. The participation in our digital Masterclasses with various focal points is also possible for companies.

Upon request, we also offer individual workshops, for example for topics surrounding innovation and lean startup. 

VentureVilla- Friends

Everyone who belongs to the VentureVilla community as a friend will get access to our Slack-Channels, can stay informed with the help of our monthlynewsletter and can position themselves as partners. We also include the whole community in all of our events and offer the possibility of being visible on our website with an introduction text and the startup logo. Aside from that, the yearly friend- fee includes the soliciting of 10 contacts from the worldwide VentureVilla network.