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Demoday Batch #8 The VentureVilla village

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With a mixture of input, exercises and Masterclass meetings, we offer you and your startup the opportunity to explore the topic of brand activism individually. It is especially important for new startups to have a value based company culture and therefore the chance to position themselves right from the start with responsible communication, to not only tie customers to the company, but also employees. With the help of our Masterclass, you’ll have the chance to identify your core values, discover internal and external options to implement them and find out how to position yourselves in a socio economic environment. Because no matter which branch you belong to and what your business model entails: Every startup has the option to position themselves and set themselves apart from competitors by clearly defined values tied to your brand. The Masterclass will take place for 4 weeks with 6 appointed dates in total.

Work load and process

Aside from the mandatory appointments you’ll need time to realize your ideas and insight. Our Masterclass lives from mutual exchange of ideas, goals and feedback from all participants. So you won’t just get input, but also have direct discourse with all participating teams. The following dates have been planned ( 2h each ):







Our Masterclass is free of charge, but relevant for de-minimis grants. It has an equivalent value of 3000€. Should any questions arise, feel free to message under digitalacademy@venture-villa.de.

NEW IN: ACCELERATE, the VentureVilla startup podcast

Welcome to ACCELERATE, the VentureVilla startup podcast - the place for perspectives surrounding topics like founding and entrepreneurship. Julia Kümper and Meike Korittko highlight different areas that are relevant to startup and deliberate developments in the working world. Independent of your founding status, you will get food for thought in every episode. The first season’s overall theme is “What moves us”. How has work changed in the last couple of months? What will the future hold? How do startups act competently in times of crisis? What’s the difference between unicorns and zebras? Those and many more questions will be discussed in the first season of ACCELERATE.

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