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Welcome to ACCELERATE, the VentureVilla podcast - the space for perspectives surrounding founding and corporation. Julia Kümper and Meike Korittko shine a light on different areas that are relevant for startups and reflect on the current development of the working environment. Irrespective of your current state of founding, every episode will offer food for thoughts. The first seven episodes follow the motto "What moves us". How has the working world changed in the last couple of months? What does the future hold? How do startups act confidently in times of crisis? What is the difference between a unicorn and a zebra? Those and many other questions will be discussed in the first season of ACCELERATE. Starting on episode #8, we'll introduce one of our startups to you every Monday and Friday.

#18 Porn Better


In this episode, Meike talks to Luna Heine, the co-founder of Porn Better.

#16 Cityscaper


In this episode Meike talks to Robin Römer, the co-founder of Cityscaper.

#17 The Wedding Jungle


In this episode Julia talks to Anja Brahja, the founder of TheWeddingJungle

#15 Liebesfest


In this episode Julia talks to Natalie Eckert, the founder of Liebesfest

#14 Vulvani


In this episode Meike talks to Jamin Mahmood, the co-founder of Vulvani.

#13 Maesh


In this episode Julia talks to Eleniver Calvo Garcia, the co-founder of Maesh.

#12 JourneyStamps


In this episode Meike talks to Philipp Brandt, the co-founder of JourneyStamps.

#11 Feniska


In this episode Julia talks to Ropafadzo Murrombo, the co-founder of Feniska.

#10 Apartmen


In this episode Meike talks to Louisa Verch, the co-founder of Apartmen.

#09 FinTech im Stealth Mode


In this episode Julia talks to Thomas Janeke, the co-founder of a FinTech startup in stealth mode.

#08 Mindzeit

In this episode Meike talks to Céleste Kleinjans, the co-founder of Mindzeit.

#07 Vereinbarkeit

Zitat: Nur mit asynchroner Kommunikation kann Vereinbarkeit funktionieren.

The separation of work and private life is a challenge in many fields of work, but especially affects founders. That has been underlined in conversation with VentureVilla startups time and time again. It is rare that a founding team faces regulated work times and clear lines are crossed quite often, when the business is also marked by friendships among the teams. We reflect on how it might be possible to mind the needs of everyone and find some space - without being on call 24/7.

#06 Female Founders

The quota of female founders in Germany is currently at only 16% ( source: Female Founders Monitor ). The startup scene seems to have a structural problem. But what is the cause? And what can we do to pave a way to more diversity? This is what moves us in this episode and we talk about which strategies VentureVilla used to have more diverse teams.

#05 Framing

Zitat aus dem Podcast "Man kann nicht nicht framen."

Framing - we all do it, but who actually cares how we use framing in a work context? This is what we talk about this episode and reflect on our own actions, instead of acting like expert. The only thing we're sure about: you cannot not frame!

#04 Werte und Haltung

For a long time, values and position seemed to play a minor role in the economy and many corporations saw corporate social responsibility as an annoying to-do, which often turned into a sales strategy. Currently a new wind of change is blowing and corporal responsibility is taken more seriously by many. Values are no longer just part of communication, but implemented in the company. Only those who live by their ideals can be authentic in the long run and embody them publicly. In this episode we discuss the importance of a definite positioning and talk about the benefits it can give to startups to deal with this in the early stages of founding.

#03 Was ist ein Startup?

The term startup is being used almost inflationary in today's society. But is every newly founded corporation automatically a startup? In this episode we point out what it means to be a startup, which consultation offers are open for founders and what different kinds of founding there are - as well as which pros and cons they have.

#02 New Work

In this new episode of ACCELERATE we'll talk about what New Work means to us and if startups are maybe ahead of their time here in comparison to other companies. We also discuss what would have to change in our society to implement this new form of working.

#01 Krise als Chance

When you currently read the newspaper, listen to the radio or a podcast, or watch TV, one word can be found everywhere: crisis! Why we think the covid pandemic isn't necessarily a crisis in all areas of life and how it can turn into a chance will be discussed in this first episode of our VentureVilla podcast ACCELERATE.

#00 Intro

This intro will tell you why we are launching this podcast and what you can expect in this first season, which follows the motto "What moves us".


Neben unserem eigenen VentureVilla Podcast  ACCELEARTE, den ihr weiter unten auf die Ohren bekommt, sind wir auch als Gäst*innen bei anderen Podcasts zu hören. Hier sammeln wir für Euch die Episoden und Hinweise auf andere Podcasts mit VentureVilla Beteiligung.


Folge 5: Female Founders

In der fünften Folge des startup.nds Podcast dreht sich alles rund um Female Founders. Dafür remote zu Gast: Julia Kümper, CEO des VentureVilla Startup-Zentrums und Prof. Dr. Stephanie Birkner, Juniorprofessorin für Female Entrepreneurship an der Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg und startup.niedersachsen-Beiratsmitglied. Erfahrt…

  1. …wieso wir wirtschaftlichen Erfolg neu denken müssen,
  2. …was sich in Niedersachsen im Bereich Female Entrepreneurship bewegt
  3. …und welche Maßnahmen die Situation für Gründerinnen im Startup-Ökosystem verbessern.