VentureVilla began its accelerator work in 2017. Since then, we have supported the following startups in our accelerator program.

Batch 09

apartmen makes the furniture market accessible to the otherwise neglected target group of single men with the help of their innovative AI for interior design.

An intuitive style test helps the AI to come up with a fitting room concept with the help of the data collected from the answers of the customers. Afterwards, the suggested interior design can be simulated in your own apartment with the help of augmented reality, your handy camera and display, to show customers a completely new, progressive shopping experience. The aesthetically coordinated furniture can easily be ordered through the app then.

cityscaper is the first AR application that makes an interactive exchange of opinions between the public, jurys and house builders possible in the critical phases of the planning process. cityscaper displays virtual project designs three-dimensional in public spaces and realistically builds them in augmented reality. The clou of the app is a virtual building kit that is intuitive to use. Concerns and suggestions of members of the public can henceforth be spontaneously and realistically documented. Due to the flexibility of the app, different design suggestions and discussions can be compared on the spot and ease the way to a final design.

Feniska is a pet-tech-startup from Berlin which offers digital health care for pets. Cats and dogs can’t communicate with us in ways we understand, which is why they often suffer in silence when they fall ill. This is why Feniska offers an intuitive health care app and smart tracking devices for animals to monitor important health data.

JourneyStamps is a platform that offers people who travel individually and responsibly a way to exchange information and connect with others. With us everyone can share their own experiences and become an example to others. A standardized inquiry of the most important details can quickly put together a personal testimony. Due to the consistent structure it is easy to filter posts so that only relevant information is displayed.

Liebesfest is a young startup whose brand specializes in the ( currently ) German wide online sales of event floristry. With the help of international florists they have compiled eight collections of wedding assortments. Complementary, they also offer papetery products in their portfolio. The sales happen with a help of German wide network of over 80 regional florists.

With the brand maesh, the ‘UNTER EINEM DACH NÄHWERKSTATT’ contributes to a change in the textile industry. Maesh concentrates expertise to develop a fair and sustainable product that will change the way we think and the market surrounding bags. Their social engagement and the empowerment of women of diverse backgrounds, who have found a new path in life in Germany, shape maesh into much more than just a bag.

MINDZEIT is the first intelligent and scientifically founded coaching system that can correspond with individual and acute needs of the user and promotes self reflection and a sustainable, positive mindset. The innovative and psychological user journey supports people of all age groups in having fun to stay mentally fit. Their focus here lies on a perfect integration into everyday life and company culture. MINDZEIT is already successfully in use, for example by SV Werder Bremen, Deutsche Bank and an influential software company.

Porn Better is a matching platform that helps women and LGTB+* to find feminist, diverse, ethically produced and empowering porn sites with ease - without being confronted with discriminating content. That is why we focus on transparency and the input of our community.

TheWeddingJungle - the smart wedding planner - step by step to your dream wedding. TheWeddingJungle aims to help couples to navigate the jungle of wedding planning. Every couple should be able to realize “the most wonderful day in their lives”, without losing their minds over the planning. With the help of smart planning tools, individualized check lists and expertise that you can access at any time, wedding planning is made easy.

Vulvani is a digital, educational platform surrounding menstruation, sexuality and female health. Vulvani develops a digital education product with the help of uncomfortable topics, that can actually be fun ( educate + entertain =edutain ). With the help of interactive online classes and their blog, gaps in education about the female body can be closed. This destigmatises topics and allows a positive sex education of today’s society.

Stealth-Mode Startups: 

At VentureVilla, Karla builds a SaaS-solution for the official and unofficial community managers in tech companies. Drastically risen expectations in customer support and the ever growing influence of hear-say in the success of companies make it abundantly clear that the currently available tools just don’t get the job done. Community management will define success in the future.

Thomas works on a fin-tech solution which maps real life articles of value on the basis of digital asset tokenization, makes them tradable for investors, lessens liquidity on the market, and uses the basis of blockchain technology to offer a clear allocation of the real life item to the digital version of it. The technology offers an entry into the market for alternative attachments with an above-average rate of return, low fluctuation of value and no correlation to successful asset classes.


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Batch 08

AXOVISION is a pioneer in the use of artificial intelligence in assessment management. The startup analyzes traditional and alternative data to minimize the static of financial markets to generate a risk adjusted stock portfolio with above-average performance.

Frischeszeug is a web 3.0 platform for regional products. The application for example allows farms to advertise their brands and products at the same time as interaction with their customers.

TalentMonkey develops a match-making platform for homeoffice jobs with permanent positions. Target group: developers, data scientists, marketing and sales professionals, as well as authors and creatives.

Eight out of ten women wear bras that don’t fit well. Brajuu will change that with an intelligent and in-house developed online platform. Their algorithm finds the perfect bra for every woman.

SIMITY is a geofencing software for mobile applications that can locate customers with a 10-15 times higher accuracy than other geofencing solutions, while at the same time only using minimal battery. It will allow companies to create and automate more efficient operative processes, as well as to communicate easier.

The smartphone app from BLVRD offers a sustainable alternative to online shopping. Customers can search for an outfit, the app shows where in town it’s available. No searching, no packaging and no returns.

Batch 07

Juracus is an AI-based software that allows legal departments to analyse contracts for conflicts.

The Givetastic-app challenges organizations and employees to get involved with social causes and work together on global issues.

Flexxter is a cloud based platform on which crafts enterprises can plan their internal staff deployments and projects, as well as form cooperation projects with other enterprises.

epap develops an app-based solution to reduce the printing of environmentally unfriendly receipts, to offer the users an analysis of their daily spendings and to help retailers get to know their customers better.

Batch 06

With the pig counter by corvitac farmers can save costs and time: the intelligent camera system recognizes, counts and documents the number of animals automatically - the first step to digitalize the piggery.

VISIONME develops iunco ar & vr applications, the twins of every digital real estate.

The Umeleon 1 Pro is an in-house developed extrusion machine that produces individual filament colors and quantity for 3D printers. An intuitive software offers users an extraordinary variety of colors and materials in no time.

Lyght is an easy and flexible lease model for home and living products. The startup offers a great alternative to buying with which even a sublease turns into an eye-catcher.

Talent 02

MODUM is the first direct-to-consumer brand for tailored shoes worldwide. Their proprietary 3D scan and print technology allows the mass production of tailored shoes to the same prices as ordinary mainstream shoes.

Digital Resert wants to make the information management on social networks easy. Users can individually decide which data can be used in the future and which should be deleted. The intelligent search algorithm from Digital Reset offers the option to filter data through different criteria beforehand.

Smartfloor is the first digital B2B platform worldwide for floor covering that offers a quick and custom-fit solution for private and business rooms. The startup supports customer journey digitally and ties in relevant branch partners.

Batch 05

QuizCo deals with all topics of individual and digitally supported learning and the challenges of personalized course contents. An app realizes learning and closed book examination by using several elements of gamification to spark motivation. The contents are edited by an artificial intelligence so that every user receives personalized content.

enwok automates the whole process of job application from search to employment on a single platform for companies and applicants. This offers a fast, easy and legally safe application process and allows time for the essential things: the humans behind the application.

innocado changes the way large-scale companies connect employees and actively integrate in innovative processes. For that the startups develops an internal company platform that matches employees with similar competences and experience.

GameBuddy is a social network that connects gamers, suggests fitting team members and that keeps them informed about statistics and activity.

Talents 01

weMake is the first mobile we-share platform to share abilities. In the app, users can offer all of their talents, from hobbies, honorary posts and passions to talents and gifts.

NotePlan is a unique combination of calenda, notes and to-do list in the style of bullet journals. With the integration of iCloud calendar events and reminders, chores and appointments can be managed in one place.

The baboonia team follows the goal to build a platform independent, global gaming community.

Batch 04

verlingo has developed an artificial intelligence which makes it possible to analyze and evaluate job references within seconds. Staff departments will get support for their daily work and private persons can have job references reviewed quickly.

Maphi offers an autodidactic learning experience free of frustration in the field of maths. With the help of simple touch gestures even complex math problems and terms can be solved, made easier and transformed effortlessly.

claimBuddy develops innovative and completely automated solutions to handing in notifications of loss in the field of insurances. The analysis of loss, statistics and intelligent communication with the insured makes it possible to let go of time consuming and resource intensive individual examinations.

Batch 03

Influencers, brands, startups and agencies find the perfect solution for their needs and the necessary knowledge for successful influencer marketing in Le Buzz. Network management with the app, relations management with their software and knowledge management in the offline and online magazine. is a digital B2B- cruise. With the help of data and AI, the startup aims to shape smarter travel advice and to make sales processes easier.

The goal COMFORT@HOME follows, is to connect households and users with a large partner network and the service offers resulting from it (corporate-accelerator-team).

Batch 02

chatShopper offers a conversational commerce solution for fashion retailers. With their software, users can search for products through chat bots and voice assistants.

dresslife enables 1 on 1 personalization for the international fashion world. By integrating human feedback into their artificial intelligence, the best possible accuracy can be achieved. Their technologie generates product recommendations that not only take the fashion taste of the customer into consideration, but also correct fit of clothes.

Stand B(u)y Fly connects the need of airlines to fill their planes to full capacity and the desire of customers to travel spontaneously and affordably. The Stand B(u)y Fly app for spontaneous travels offers remaining seats in the last 48h for minimal costs.

Applilife/Sproutz is a platform that wants to connect startups with students. It helps companies to find reliable, interested working students by offering them interesting jobs.

Batch 01

Wundercurves has specialised in the procurement and sales of fashion articles in bigger sizes, plus size and premium consumer goods in the field of e-commerce.

No matter if family member, sport partner or working horse - HorseAnalytics makes it possible to objectively track the horse with their app to ensure health, fitness and wellbeing of the animal and increase it.

Assistance systems and automatization in medicine, that is Medical iDENTity.