About us

Our goal is to support startups in realizing seed financing to the best possible conditions. Coaching, mentoring and workshops, as well as a broad network of investors are the basis for our work with the teams within the Accelerator. Our VentureVilla team is supported by a variety of mentors, who we want to introduce to you in the following as well. We will start by introducing our VentureVilla team and therefore your contact persons for all concerns surrounding the Digital Academy, Seed Accelerator, our network and cooperations.

VentureVilla Team

Deveny Beneke (she/her)

Deveny studies Public Relations at the University of Hannover and works part time for VentureVilla. She primarily supports Meike with internal communication and works on content for our Instagram channel, but also takes up organisational tasks. She is excited to dive deeper into the world of startups, where equality and self-determination are most important to her.

Niklas Engemann (he/him)

Niklas ist der Ansprechpartner vor Ort in der Villa. Er steht den Startups bei organisatorischen und inhaltlichen Fragen zur Seite und vernetzt sie mit Expert*innen. Niklas koordiniert außerdem das Batch-Programm mit unseren Mentor*innen. Nebenberuflich studiert er Innovation und Entrepreneurship im MBA

Meike Korittko (she/her)

Meike is our communication manager at VentureVilla and supports the startups in anything communication and marketing related. Aside from that she also uses her knowledge for the Digital Academy, takes care of our social media channels and is responsible for our public relations, as well as events. She always enforces female empowerment and equality in her work, because corporate social responsibility should not be foreign to the startup world.

Katie Kröcker

Katie supports the team as an assistant and is responsible for administrative tasks. VentureVilla is her first experience in the startup scene. She was previously mainly active in the field of event management.

Julia Kümper (she/her)

Julia has long term experience as a founder & innovation consultant and is part of VentureVilla since its foundation in 2016 as a mentor, as well as a manager since 2018. Her focus is on the strategic positioning and development of VentureVilla, the questioning of business models & ideas of the startups, as well as cooperations with relevant stakeholders. She clearly positions herself for diversity in the venture capital and startup branch, as well as the compatibility of work & family.

How to reach us best? Send an email to info@venture-villa.de!


We offer you access to empiric value and expertise. For this we organize meetings with mentors who are well versed in the startup world and share their expertise unsalaried in regular intervals. In a relaxing environment you can work on individual questions and work on strategies. According to the needs of the startups within the different batches, we match them with mentors. From auditors to growth hacking experts, we offer every kind of expertise that is of use for the startups. If you require additional information, you’re welcome to contact us.


Pitch Club

Ralf Borchers

Heinz-Joachim Meisner

Hajo Knoche

Tobias Meyer

Ernst Raue

Ralf Halfbrodt

Hanna Drabon



Olaf Stichtenoth

Jan Schätzel

Sarah Stanske

Ingo Luge

Michael Koch

Carolin Peinecke

Uwe Berger

Meike Korittko

Julian Funke

Julia Kümper

Leonie Stankewitz

Thilo Haas

Sebastian Niehoff