Mission Statement


VentureVilla is a safe place for startups and stands for equality of opportunity and diversity.



The quota of female founders in Germany is currently at only 15,7% ( source: Female Founders Monitor ) and female & non binary teams are also underprivileged when it comes to funding due to gender bias.

Reason for this is a structural discrimination in the branch of startups. Female founders in our periphery have also repeatedly spoken up about discrimination they experienced personally. Here at VentureVilla we support all founders equally, regardless of their gender, ethnicity or other traits. This is self-evident for us, but sadly not a commonly practiced standard in our branch. For that reason, we have decided to communicate our positioning on this more intensively.

VentureVilla as a Safe Space

Due to our advisory offer for startups in the fields of web and software technologies we are a trustworthy and competent partner for founding teams. We take our responsibility towards the startups very seriously and enable a safe space within VentureVilla for founders. That includes mutual trust, a respectful cooperation and the guarantee for all startups within our ecosystem to remain a long term contacts beyond the initial advisory offer. We also see ourselves as a contact point for founders with previous negative experiences ( eg. discrimination, sexism ) within the startup world. We have an open ear for all issues and want to create a positive environment for everyone during and after the founding phase.

Equality of opportunity at VentureVilla

We boost founding teams regardless of gender, ethnicity, age and sexuality. We do not tolerate discrimination in any shape or form in our environment. Everyone receives the same chance to grow through our offer - that is both true for the 100 day Accelerator-Program, as well as for our further development options at the Digital Academy. It is our vision to be a counterbalance to the structural discrimination of certain groups of people in the start up world and to pave the way for more equality in the branch. Hannover and Lower Saxony are colorful and that is exactly how the startup world should be as well!

Experience reports (content warning: sexism)

In the course of our work, we aim to be transparent about the barriers within the startup scene. One of them is sexism. We have therefore asked for testimonials to pinpoint sexism and highlight real life situations in which it happened. The following video is the result of that