VR-lab - Your community & work space

The VR-lab is inside VentureVilla. The VentureVilla Accelerator Gmbh has the goal to be a junction between the ecosystem Hannover and Lower Saxony, to connect different actors (startups, venture capitalists, medium sized companies and enterprises ), as well as shape Hannover to become a startup hotspot. VentureVilla makes this possible by supporting startups during the very early stages of founding and by building a cross-regional, reliable network.

The VR scene in Hannover is lively and big! You can find all teams and service providers who are part of our VR lab on the community page of HANNOVR.

Kein VR-Lab ohne Unterstützer*innen!

The VR-lab is a collaboration project of hannoverimpuls, Hannover as a region and VentureVilla. Our goal is to support startups and foundations which use VR and make their entry into the community and startup scene easier. For that we offer you 160qm space inside VentureVilla.


Stefan Muhle, state secretary at the Lower Saxony ministry for economy, work, traffic and digitalisation has awarded our VR-lab in June 2020 as ‘digital location Lower Saxony’. The initiative identifies companies and institutions as digital locations whose commitment furthers the successful digitalisation in Lower Saxony.

You can find further information on the awards here: Digitalagentur Niedersachsen

Auf dem Bild stehen Herr Franz (Region hannover), Tobias Quebe (VentureVilla), Herr Muhle (Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Verkehr und Digitales) und Frau Petersen um einen Stehtisch herum. Auf dem Stehtisch steht ein Schild mit der Aufschrift "Digitaler Ort"